artistic liberty

all clients must be at least 18 years old to order. i may check your ID!

looking to get a commission of an existing character? check out my how to order page for existing character commissions instead!

what's artistic liberty?

don't have any ideas for your fursuit? want something that really stands out? looking for a complete surprise?

consider an artistic liberty commission!

an artistic liberty commission is where i make a brand new character and fursuit for you based off a few keywords! for example, if your favorite color is blue and you really like huskies, i would design a blue husky from scratch for you. maybe you want something based off a moodboard, or a specific theme like the beach. perhaps you just want to tell me a species you'd like and some colors you're not a fan of (so i can avoid them), or give me a species and let me do the rest! if you're really stuck, i'll ask you a few questions about yourself, such as your hobbies, some songs you like, etc. and then make a character based off those things.

some people are hesitant to get an artistic liberty commission because they are giving most of the control of the design into someone else's hands. this can be daunting, but this also allows you to get a completely unique and out there fursuit because i get to experiment with features or designs that aren't seen too often in the fandom!

you can request for WIP pictures to be sent regularly as well as know the design before production, only see the fursuit once final photos are taken, or don't see anything at all until the fursuit arrives. if you'd like no WIP pictures, i can send them to a trusted friend or loved one instead. some people like to be blindfolded while their friends help them put their fursuit on for the first time, and only see the final fursuit once they're in front of a mirror!

how do i get one?

the complexity of an artistic liberty fursuit depends on your budget. a lower budget will still get you a great fursuit, albeit a simpler design. a higher budget means your fursuit will have a more complex design and extra parts or features such as a carrying case, magnetic features, or extra armsleeves. your budget must be at least the base price of that type of suit, plus any extras! for example, the minimum your budget should be for a full digitigrade suit is $3300 USD. don't think you can get away with just $50 :P

reach out to me and ask about an artistic liberty fursuit. we can discuss your budget, the type of fursuit, the prompt, and any extra features. when my commissions open, fill out the form!

if your commission gets accepted, you will be required to pay the 40% nonrefundable deposit. once that is paid, i will work on a design for you based off your prompt.

if you want to see the design before it gets made into a fursuit, you are able to make up to two revisions before committing. otherwise, the design will be a mystery!

you will need to send me a DTD for a fullsuit or 3/4 suit, along with other measurements. then i will order materials and start work on your brand new fursuit! once it's finished, i will ship it off to you. enjoy your brand new character and fursuit!


suppose you are looking for a digitigrade deer fullsuit, and you have a budget of $5000 USD. you found a really cool winter moodboard online that you want to use as your prompt!

here are two possiblities of what you could get:

a higher budget allows for more complex markings, props, accessories, extra parts, or a balance between all four. when discussing a potential artisic liberty project with me, we can discuss how you want to balance these factors.

sounds interesting? feel free to reach out to me on telegram, @gatorwaves!