how old do i have to be to commission a fursuit from you?
i require all commissioners to be 18 years old or older. i do not work with parents or guardians, sorry!
when do you open for commissions?
usually once or twice a year! fursuit making is not a full time job for me and i like keeping my queue as short as possible. i like to announce my commission openings a month or so in advance, so keep an eye on my home page!

i also have a telegram channel dedicated to commission opening announcements!
can i wear glasses in your heads?
yes, however i will always recommend contacts over glasses. if you can't wear contacts, i recommend getting prescription goggles as regular glasses may fog.
it's my birthday today/next week/last month. pleaaaaaaase can i get a free fursuit?
i do not offer free fursuits or free fursuit parts. sorry!
i can't afford your prices! will you lower them for me?
my prices are non-negotiable. if you find them too high, i recommend either searching for a different maker or trying to make your own!
can you make me a protogen/primagen? can you add electronics/mechanical parts/a moving jaw into my fursuit?
at the moment, i only add these features or make protogens/primagens in premade fursuits, with the exception of installing a fan in the muzzle. you may see photos of protogens i have made in the past, but i no longer do them as commissions.
how long is your wait time?
depends! usually around 1-6 months, averaging at around 3. fursuit making is not my full time job but i do my best to complete my work in a timely manner. if anything comes up, you will be notified.
do you do deadlines?
i cannot guarantee any deadlines. if your deadline is over 3 months into the future, probably! otherwise, probably not.
can you make me a fursuit of this character from a game/tv show/movie? can you make me a fursuit of *insert other person's character*?
no, sorry. you must own the rights to the character in order to commission me!
do you make fursuits with adult modifications?
i have nothing against this, but i do not offer adult modifications.
do you offer a warranty with your fursuits?
yes! i offer 60-day warranties where i cover any unintentional damage such as popped seams or parts getting unglued. all you have to pay is shipping and customs/import fees. each fursuit is a handmade item so imperfections such as minor asymmetry are to be expected.
do you offer refunds?
yes, but it depends on the amount of work completed. the 40% deposit is non-refundable no matter the circumstance, but some of the other 60% will be refunded depending on how much of the work was completed.
how do you ship your fursuits?
i ship all fursuits insured with optional signature confirmation from the united states. i can offer express shipping for extra. you will be responsible for all shipping and customs/import costs. i do not ship any fursuits in the month of december and the first week of january due to the high rate of packages getting lost or stolen around this time!
what are your fursuits made of?
high quality faux fur, upholstery foam (the kind used in couches!), 3D printed parts, minky or mochi fabric, felt, EVA foam, poly-fil stuffing, neoprene, quilted broadcloth, zippers, rip-stop nylon, vinyl mesh, hot glue, and thread!
what's a duct tape dummy (DTD)? do i need one?
a duct tape dummy, or a DTD, is a double of your body made of duct tape. it allows me to tailor your bodysuit to fit you specifically! you can learn how to make one here. i require a DTD for fullsuits and 3/4 fursuits.
why wasn't my commission accepted?
i can only take on a limited number of projects each round in order to keep my wait times as short as possible.
how can i care for my fursuit?
i have a maintenance guide here!
artistic liberty? surprise fursuits?
if you don't have a fursona yet, want a brand new character, or just want a different commissioning experience, consider an artistic liberty or surprise fursuit commission!

instead of providing me with a reference sheet, i design the character based off an intentionally vauge prompt. the complexity of the design and features of the fursuit depend on your budget rather than a quote.

taking this one step further, you can get a surprise fursuit where you only see the finished product once it arrives!

if any of this interests you, please see my artistic liberty how to order page!
what makes your fursuits different?
i strive to provide you a quality fursuit in a unique, toony style, in a timely manner with transparency and communication. my fursuits are lightweight and comfortable, i try my best to keep them as easy to wear as possible!