how to order

all clients must be at least 18 years old to order. i may check your ID!

here's how to get a custom fursuit commission from me and join the gator club!

before you begin...

do you want a fursuit of an already existing character? or a brand new character based off a prompt?
if you would like a brand new character based off a prompt, or an artist liberty commission, please read my artistic liberty how to order page! otherwise, continue reading.

figure out what you want your fursuit to be! choose which of your characters you want to be turned into a fursuit, pick what type of fursuit you'd like, and decide on any extra features, parts, or add-ons.

have your fursuit friendly reference sheet on hand! i have more information about what a good fursuit friendly reference sheet is here. your reference sheet must be SFW and have at least a front view and a back view.

getting the quote

i am open for free quotes year round! this is the exact cost, excluding shipping, of your project. to get a quote, fill out my quote form and you'll hear back from me within a week.

getting a quote does not commit you to getting a fursuit from me, nor does it guarantee you a slot!

applying for a commission

once or twice a year, i open my commission form for a few days and accept new custom commissions! in order to keep my turnaround times as short as possible, i only accept one or two projects each round. often i get quite a few submissions, so please do not take it personally if i do not accept you!

fill out the form when it opens. if i accept your commission, i will message you! be ready to pay within 48 hours of the acceptance message.

i prefer full 100% upfront payment, but i also offer flexible payment plans! i require a 40% deposit, and the other 60% can be paid before the fursuit gets shipped to you. once you've paid the 40%, you're in!

building the fursuit

this is super exciting becasue you get to see your character come to life!

as part of the planning stage, i will set up a discord call where we will discuss fur colors, how you want your character to be portrayed, and any features you want me to accentuate. during the call i will draw a few rough sketches, and after the call i will refine those sketches into a proper concept sheet. this is separate from a reference sheet because the colors may be altered to better fit the chosen furs, i will add notes on individual features, requests, or modifications, and the final fursuit will stay closer to the style of the concept sheet than the reference sheet.

once all the materials are ordered, it's time for me to start construction! i'll show you numerous work in progress photos, unless you want the fursuit to be a complete surprise.

if you decide to go with a fullsuit or a 3/4 fursuit, you will need to make a DTD, otherwise known as a duct tape dummy! this is so your fursuit can be tailored to fit you as best as possible. please follow this tutorial to learn how to make one. it's best to have this done and ready to sent to me before construction begins.


once the fursuit is finished, it's time for it to get shipped to you! i'll take portfolio photos and carefully pack it up to send to you. your package will be insured and sent with USPS, with signature confirmation unless requested otherwise. you'll have to cover shipping costs yourself, and if you're outside the US, any customs fees, VAT, and/or import fees.

have fun!

it's here! welcome to the gator club! i'd love it if you could tag me in photos so i can see what adventures you get up to!

remember to take good care of your new fursuit so it'll last for many years.