all prices are in USD and do not include shipping! these are base prices; more colors, markings, or features will increase the cost.

i do not offer protogen commissions anymore, the only way to get a protogen from me is through auction slots. apologies!


starting at $1300+, average $1400-$1750+

includes just the head of the fursuit! all heads are lined with sweat-wicking neoprene or lycra fabric. the seams are machine sewn whenever possible, and handsewn seams are sewn with double thread.

add fursuit carrying case backpack: $250+


starting at $1650+, average $1750 - $2000+

mini partials include a head, tail, and a set of paws! large tails come with a maintenance zipper for removing stuffing and are mostly machine sewn. the handpaws can be either four fingered or five fingered, and can be lined upon request. all handpaws are cuffed to prevent fraying at the edge.

add armsleeves: $80+
add legsleeves: $120+
add outdoor feetpaws: $250+
add indoor feetpaws: $350+
add interchangeable sole feetpaws (indoor and outdoor soles): +$450


starting at $2500+, average $2750 - $3000+

3/4 fursuits come with everything but the torso of the fursuit! this includes the head, handpaws, tail, armsleeves, legs, and outdoor feetpaws. the pants are held up with elastic, like suspenders. all 3/4 suits come with zip-on feetpaws.

upgrade to indoor feetpaws: $100+
upgrade to interchangeable sole feetpaws: $150+
upgrade to digitigrade legs: $300
add serged seams (cosmetic upgrade): $50+


starting at $3000+, average $3250-$4000+

covers you in fur from head to toe!
includes the head, handpaws, outdoor feetpaws, tail, and bodysuit. the neck of the bodysuit is cuffed to prevent fraying and stretching. all bodysuit zippers are lined and placed in the front unless requested otherwise. fullsuits include both zip on feetpaws and zip on tails. your fullsuit is made to fit YOU! therefore, a duct tape dummy (DTD) of yourself is required.

upgrade to digitigrade legs: $300
upgrade to indoor feetpaws: $100+
upgrade to interchangeable sole feetpaws: $200+
add serged seams (cosmetic upgrade): $150+