gatorwave's fur color picker demo

this is a work in progress demo of my fur color picker! only furs from howl fabrics, canfur and mofumofu are listed here.
everything here is, at the moment, for demonstrative purposes only. the sample size will be much larger once finished.


this color picker is meant to guide you in the right direction, not be an end all be all!
ALWAYS BUY SWATCHES before buying the full amount needed for your project. this is just meant to show you colors close to what you chose!

think this is pretty neat?

i have a ko-fi page! i greatly appreciate any donations, your support helps me do fun projects like this!

super generous sponsors: (donate $25 or more on ko-fi to get your name added here!)



i would like to give a huge thank you to the CIE for their hard work on the CIEDE2000 formula and the authors of color.js for implementing it into javascript :D
the color selector used here is from iro.js. thank you for creating a super simple and easy to use color picker!