want to escape reality by becoming a giant animal?

you've come to the right place! my name is gatorwave, a sole fursuit maker based in the northeast united states. i love creating exaggerated toony fursuits that are full of life and character.

i have been creating fursuits for four years now, with many more years on the horizon. i love experimenting and implementing technology both inside my fursuits and in the process of making them. creating characters and bringing others' to life is extremely rewarding for me, so i make sure to put as much care and attention into each fursuit i create.

why commission a gatorwave fursuit?
  • FAST TURNAROUND TIME: usually under 3 months for official openings!
  • BUILT TO LAST: my fursuits are made to last you a while with strong stitches and good building techniques!
  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: my heads are built to be as easy to wear as possible!

are you in the process of commissioning me? come check out my queue!


Zest Husky

"The quality of my fursuit head is superb and far above what I expected! The vision is fantastic, the head is well fitting, and it is so incredibly light that I have worn him at conventions for hours at a time with no issues. He is beautifully made with high quality fur, amazing stitching, and astounding marking work. Gatorwave is communicative, kind, and a joy to work with!"