Terms of Service

Please take the time to read my terms of service if you are interested in commissioning me, thanks!
By commissioning me you agree to all of the below terms.

This Terms of Service has been written in first person, with mentions of "I, me, my, mine myself" referring to Gatorwave. Mentions of "you, your, yours, yourself" refer to the client interested in commissioning Gatorwave. The terms "suit" and "fursuit" are used interchangably and refer to the product the client is commissioning or has commissioned from Gatorwave.

All prices are in USD. All payments are made via PayPal.

Full upfront payment is highly preferred. I can, however, do short payment plans- with 40% downpayment and the other 60% paid over a set period of time. I will not ship out the suit until I get the full 100% payment.

Premade fursuits require full 100% payment.

Refunds will not be available after the commission is completed, no matter the circumstance. If you request a refund while the commission is in progress, 40% will not be refunded. The remaining payment will either be partially or fully refunded depending on the progress of the commission.

If I do not hear from you after 6 months, whether the suit has not been started, is in progress, or is ready to be shipped, the commission will be considered abandoned. If this occurs, the fursuit will be refurbished into a different character and sold as a premade. No refunds will be available if the commission is considered abandoned.

If a refund is requested when the commission is nearly complete, a partial refund will be sent. The fursuit will then be modified and put up for sale as a premade.

I have the right to reject any commission if I do not feel comfortable with it or it violates the TOS.

I live in a non-smoking environment with a cat and a dog. Please do not commission me if you are allergic to pets.

All suits automatically come with a 60-day warranty, where I will repair any damages for only the cost of shipping. Anything past 60 days will come with a fee.

Please note that your suit may have some imperfections or flaws, I will try my best to repair them if they arise.

Refurbishments or modifications will also come with a fee, depending on the size of the project.

If a part has been used sexually, or has been modified to allow for sexual use, the 90 day warranty becomes void on said part.
If I have made a mistake with your suit, you are more than welcome to send it back for me to fix it for free, as long as it is within 60 days of receiving the suit. Your fursuit must be clean before being sent back, otherwise a $150 cleaning fee will be charged.

Refurb projects can be done but with a fee.

If a part of a suit has been modified to allow for sexual use, I cannot repair said fursuit part. I do not add any SPH zippers to bodysuits.

A clear, SFW, 2+ view reference sheet must be provided. If you do not have a reference sheet, take a look at neonslushie.com; they make high quality reference sheets that are quite easy to understand. There are also plenty of bases available online as well.

No reference sheets are required for artistic liberty suits, simply a few words will suffice.
Please do not ask to replicate a suit or request a suit of a copyrighted character (Pokemon, Sonic, Spyro, etc)

All clients must be 16 or older. Minors must have clear consent from a parent or guardian in the form of a video and ID.

I do not work with parents or guardians of minors aged 15 or younger. If a minor under 16 is interested in a fursuit from me, they must wait until they are older.

I do not tolerate minors lying about their age or stealing others' cash or cards to purchase a fursuit. I will ask to see a legal photo ID with the date of birth and photo clearly visible. This proof will not be shown to anyone aside from myself, and you may censor any personal details as I only need to see the photo and date of birth. If a minor is found to be faking this, they will be blacklisted from all future commissions.

I live in the northeast United States, and I can ship to almost any part of the globe. The commissioner must cover the shipping, import, and customs costs. All packages are shipped via USPS.

I cannot ship any part of the suit until it is completely paid off.

Convention pickups are also available, when applicable.

I will not work with tight deadlines (tight = less than 3 months), my apologies. I will also not do rush orders.

A DTD (duct tape dummy) will be required to make a fullsuit or 3/4 suit. DTDs must be properly made, if the DTD is unusable I will have to request a new one to be sent. The commissioner must cover the cost of sending the DTD to me.

Regular work-in-progress pictures can be shared to you, either privately or publicly. If you would like the suit to be a surprise, I can post WIP photos after the suit is in your possession.

My apologies, but free fursuits, free fursuit parts, free materials, free art, and 3D model files are not available unless explicitly stated. Sorry!
If you aren’t happy with my prices, please search elsewhere for another maker.

Fursuiting, especially in a fullsuit, will impair your vision, hearing, ability to move, dexterity, and will attract attention from others. Fursuits are hot, and you will sweat in them. It is recommended to try a friend’s fursuit on before getting your own. Remember to disinfect your fursuit after each use and to drink plenty of water. Fursuits do not last forever, but if you take good care of yours it will last many years.

Wearing a fursuit comes at a risk. I am not responsible for any injuries that may occur from falls, overheating, or medical conditions. Please know your limits!
I will not: