these are all base prices! they will increase with more complex characters!


$800+ USD
only includes the head of the fursuit. lined with lycra fabric, machine sewn wherever possible, handsewn parts are sewn with double or sometimes quadruple thread. eyes are glossy and hand painted on vinyl mesh. the headbase is typically either 3D printed or made out of expanding foam from another maker. some heads will call for a resin cast base, which is hard plastic. although they can be strong be cautious and don't drop them from too far up!


$1000+ USD
includes the head, tail, and handpaws. armsleeves, legsleeves, and feetpaws can be added on for an extra charge. option to choose between fully lined paws or pillow padding, but the edges will always be cuffed to prevent fraying. tail has two belt loops and a maintenance zipper for removing stuffing for washing. claws can be added for an additionall fee, and feetpaws can either be outdoor or indoor. or perhaps both!


$1800+ USD
includes head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws, arm sleeves, and fursuit “pants”. they are held up with elastic and help you look more like an animal! requires making a DTD (duct tape dummy).
Upgrade to digitigrade: +$200 USD


$2300+ USD
covers you in fur from head to toe!
includes head, tail, handpaws, feetpaws, and a bodysuit. bodysuit can have a front or a back zipper, it's entirely your choice! made to specifically fit YOU! requires making a DTD (duct tape dummy).
Upgrade to digitigrade: +$200 USD