How to Order

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are you interested in a one-of-a-kind, totally rad, very cool fursuit from gatorwave? stay tuned and keep reading!

make sure you have your easy to understand, SFW, fursuit friendly, 2 or 3 view reference sheet ready!
if you don't have one already, i highly suggest commissioning neonslushie, or using free to use or pay to use lineart.

get an idea of what you're looking for! check out the prices page to see what i offer.

looking for an artistic liberty suit where you give me a loose prompt and i design a character for you? i can do that too at a discount!

a few times throughout the year i will announce that i am open for commissions! that's your chance!
contact me on telegram (@gatorwaves) or other social media and i'll provide you with a quote of your character. then, if you want to move forward, fill out the commission form on the front page of my site.

if you are chosen for that specific opening (i don't like having too many projects on hand so i will only choose one or two), i'll let you know, so be ready to pay!
i like 100% full upfront, but i can also do short payment plans with 40% down. so be sure to send that my way through paypal- and then YOU'RE IN!

THIS IS THE REALLY FUN PART! i think it's second to actually recieving the suit. i will order the fur from howl fabrics and show you numerous wip photos. unless you want the fursuit to be a complete secret until you get it- but i like showing wip photos.
i will build your fursuit and bring your character to life. it's so cool.

if you decide to go with a fullsuit or a 3/4 suit, you will need to make a duct tape dummy! this is so the fursuit can be tailored to fit you as best as possible. please read this tutorial to learn how to make one. it's best if you have this done and ready to be sent to me before construction begins.

now how do i go about making your fursuit?

it all starts with the fursuit head! i use a fursuit base to get the shapes and the structure that i like.
i then cover it in duct tape or masking tape to get a pattern for the fur, and then i draw your character's markings on it.
i remove the tape and use it to cut out the fur. the fur pre-shaved beforehand. then i sew everything together!
the fur is then glued onto the headbase. i also install details like eyes, a tongue, whiskers, etc.
then i give the fur another quick shave and add on the neck!

for the tail, i make it like a pillow. i make a pattern out of paper, cut out the fur, sew everything together, and stuff it. i like putting a maintenance zipper on just in case.

for handpaws, i cut the fur out, applique the paw pads with a sewing machine, and sew everything together. you have the option to choose between fully lined paws or pillows in the digits!

feetpaws are made in a similar fashion, but with a sole on the bottom.

plantigrade bodysuits are made by pattering your DTD, cutting out the fur from the pattern, sewing it together, adding a zipper, and then adding bias tape.

digitigrade bodysuits need special padding for their special shape. because of that, i make foam padding and pattern your bodysuit with the padding on! except the foam isn't used in the final suit. instead i use pillows for easy washing. the process is similar to the plantigrade suit, but with a few extra steps!

and then the fursuit is done! ready to be sent to YOU! i'll take portfolio photos and carefully package it up to send to you. your package will be insured and sent via USPS- but you'll have to cover shipping costs, and if you're outside the united states, any customs fees or VAT.

IT'S HERE! you are now a giant fluffy animal! go be your fursona!
i'd love it if you tag me in photos! remember to take good care of your new fursuit so it'll last for many years.